How does it work?

    • Every guest comes into the office to pay for the one hour session
    • Every guest is escorted up to the Room where the float pod is located,
    • Guest will be shown where everything is and how to enter and leave the float pod
  • Once the escort is gone:
    • Guests need to shower to eliminate extra body oil
    • Guests enter the pod completely nude.
    • Once the guest has found a comfortable position, they close the lid and begin to float effortlessly in a soundproof environment.
    • The air and water are warmed to skin temperature, eliminating the sense of touch.
    • Guests slowly lose awareness of their bodies as they are floating and journey into deep relaxation.
    • While each individual’s experience will be different, the float will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.
    • Guests will shower after their session to remove all traces of the salt from the float pod.
    • Guests exit themselves from the property
  • The system is thoroughly cleaned automatically after each session.
  • Note: Guests need to plan for 1 hour 20 minutes to accommodate the before and after shower


  • 1 Float: $50*
  • 3 Pack: $135
  • 5 Pack: $220
  • 10 Pack: $410
  • *First Time float is $45.00
  • Gift Certificates are available – ask at the office


Sensory deprivation devices were first created in the 1950s to explore what happens to the mind when isolated from external stimulation. It was discovered that such a device could facilitate a deep state of relaxation while heightening the senses and focus.

Today, these devices are popular along the East and West coasts but are slowly gaining popularity across the country.

Under yearly maintenance, thank you for your patience. we will be up and running mid may

Feeling stressed? Can’t fall asleep? Or do you simply want to defy gravity? Then consider taking a dip in Kenai’s very first meditative float pod.

The pod looks like a large, enclosed bathtub and holds 10 inches of water thickened by nearly a thousand pounds of Epsom salt, making the water so dense users

Health Benefits

  • Promotes calmness 
  • Eliminates fatigue 
  • Enhances mental clarity
  • Improves sleep 
  • Alleviates stress 
  • Reduces depression 
  • Stimulates left/right brain  synchronization 
  • Expands awareness 
  • Enhances self-hypnosis
  • Relieves pain 
  • Boosts immune
  • Improves circulation

On the day of your appointment, check in at the Main Street Office, and you will be escorted up to the Float Pod.